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Ball Tug Rope Toy

Ball Tug Rope Toy

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Designed for playing tug of war with dogs, this knotted rope dog toy is perfect for tossing, catching, and pulling during interactive play, or as a dog chew toy for solo playtime. These engaging rope chew toys will keep your furry friend occupied for hours.

They are fun enough to prevent destructive chewing and keep him focused on the things he’s allowed to chew! We’ve carefully designed these toys to be suitable for dogs of any size, from puppies and small dogs all the way up to the largest breeds.

Each of them has thick and thin parts, so all dogs can grip firmly to enjoy chewing and playing. Chewing these rope toys isn’t just comforting for teething puppies. It can also help to stimulate teeth growth. For older dogs, the brushing action of chewing can clean the teeth and prevent decay.

  • Dimensions (inches): 8x3x3
  • Made in the United States
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