Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board


Bamboo is a sustainable material and now it’s the best-looking piece in your kitchen! Stylish, eco-friendly, and versatile, our Bamboo Cutting Boards are durable, lightweight, and reversible for extended use and lots of kitchen adventures. Use them for everyday meal prep or while entertaining to display charcuterie and hors d’oeuvres. The engraving colors may vary slightly based on the wood grains.

A personalized Bamboo Cutting Board is the perfect gift for the chef in your life, because you know the way to their heart is through their kitchen accessories. They also make wonderful gifts for the holidays, housewarmings, weddings and beyond! Choose from one of our designs or contact us to create something one of a kind.

Board Sizes:
Two-Tone Wave - 11" x 9" x 5/16"
Two-Tone Wave - 13 3/4" x 11" x 5/16"
Two-Tone Wave - 17 3/4" x 11 3/4" 5/16"

How it Works:
>>>> First, select your board size from the drop down.
>>>> Second, let us know what how you want it engraved (personalized). You may enter your text in the personalization box or send it later by typing a MESSAGE in the personalization box and then sending us a message via ETSY conversations when you're ready.
>>>> Third, Place your order. It's that easy!

Custom Orders & Bulk Quotes:
• If you have your own art or would like something different engraved, please reach out! We are happy to work with you on custom orders.
• We also do bulk orders (engraved or not). Please contact us for a quote.

Proofing & Shipping
We do not send proofs for this product unless a proof is specifically requested. If you have any questions regarding personalization, please feel free to reach out. Likewise, if we have any questions regarding your personalization we will contact you to clarify. All order ship via USPS.

First, DO NOT put your cutting board in the Dishwasher!
• Wood cutting boards dislike water and extreme heat so that means submerging it in water is off-limits too. Here’s what you should do instead:

• You can wipe your board off with soap and water, just make sure you dry it right away and stand it upright to dry. If you lie your board flat the wet side may warp and you don’t want that. A great natural way to clean your board without any detergents is by using Lemon Juice or White Vinegar. The acid in these liquids breaks up and removes any organic residues leftover on the surface.

• Even though Bamboo boards don't need to be oiled like other woods, it's still not a bad idea. Oiling conditions the wood and keeps it from cracking or splintering. To oil your board properly first make sure it is completely dry. Then completely douse your board with oil – it should be dripping wet all around. After that, leave it to absorb as long as possible, ideally overnight, and make sure you leave it upright, ideally on a wire rack for best effect. Make sure your Mineral Oil is FOOD GRADE, not the stuff from the hardware store that’s intended for machines. You also want to avoid cooking oils like Olive or Walnut Oil as these will go rancid over time.

• Your cutting board will NOT come pre-oiled.

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