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50 Sandstone Absorbent Car Coasters (Free Shipping)


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This is for 50 absorbent MATTE sublimation ceramic car coasters/sandstone car coasters. Price includes shipping cost.

Absorbent MATTE ceramic car coasters soak up leaks and spills while adding color and fun to your ride. The blank car coaster is ready for sublimation,You can put any image you like on it. Great gift for friends and family!

*Absorbent sandstone soaks up condensation ceramic coasters
*Use in car's cup holders to absorb drips
*2.6" diameter
*Thumb notch for easy removal for cleaning
*Fun personalizing crafts
*Matte Finish
*Template and instructions available.

These are absorbent ceramic coasters that fit into the cup holder of a car, SUV, truck, van, etc. The car coaster is an absorbent ceramic coaster that will absorb drips, condensation, spills, etc.

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