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"Decorate your yard or garden with a personalized flag from Traci's Fun Creations. Add a distinctive touch to your yard or garden and display your family pride with name and house number, wish your guest happy greeting flags, or to make a special announcement. Great for a warm welcome, your guests will feel right at home with these flags. Flag designs are printed on one or both sides and will display proudly in all weather conditions.

Dimension: approx. 12" x 18". Makes great garden decor.
Size can vary by 3/4" inch
**Flag Pole not included, flag dimensions could vary by 3/4" of an inch, and corners may not be square.
The Garden flags are two-ply material light to medium-weight flag with blackout material, which makes it so you can't see the other side.
The picture will be printed on either one side or both sides, depending on your selection. If you select one side, the other side will remain blank, which is more of linen color/off-white color.
Garden Flag rubber stoppers suitable for 0.24 - 0.28 inch diameter flag pole
Durable solid rubber and plastic material
Easy to use, perfect garden flag accessories for your flag stand
Keep your garden flags in place with these sturdy rubber stoppers and clips

The clip holds the corner of the flag in place and keeps the flag from flipping around.

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